Roses on a Wedding Cake

Bonnach - (bo.nəx) Scottish Gaelic, Noun(m) A rich, sweet, baked dessert, typically made with flour, eggs, sugar and butter.

The Bonnach Bakery is a producer of quality hand finished cakes, based in Auchtermuchy Fife.
Located under a hour from four of Scotland's seven cities (Edinburgh, Stirling, Perth & Dundee) we are able to supply across Central and Eastern Scotland.

From the grandest of wedding cake, to birthday cakes, and cakes for celebration the experitse of our baker at the Bonnach Bakery is here to make your cake an elegant reality.

Our cakes are produced from the finest of ingredients, expertly blended to give stunning, authentic flavours, excellent taste and texture and of course a beautiful finish.

Sitting opposite the village burn The Bonnach Bakery coffee shop if the ideal location to sample our coffees and teas and to try our range of cupcakes or traditional bakery treats, and is an ideal place to stop when you come to collect your bespoke Wedding, Birthday or Celebration cake.

Where to Find us

Onstreet Parking is available outside the shop.

How we Started

If you've not already meet us, at a wedding fare, or venue across the Lothians and Fife, then it’s time we introduced ourselves.

One day one young Girl (we'll call her Gemma, as that’s her name) discovered the flour, eggs, sugar and butter in her Mother’s kitchen. The result was both extremely tasty, and one heck of a mess! However, Gemma was hooked, she kept on experimenting, creating and designing, making all sorts of creations for family and friends (and without the mess as well!) 

When Gemma stepped out in the wide world, she found a new group of people who loved her baking, and soon Fridays were cake day in the office. Gemma though wanted to create more, exciting, interesting cakes. So, in 2014 she decided that she would make a dream a reality, and set up her own company and made her very special baking and designs available to all the Lothians and Fife.
She still sends the odd batch to the old office, but now can indulge her love and bring the joy of a wonderful centre piece to people most special of occasions.

Oh, and for those you wondering what Bonnach is, it's Scottish Gaelic for Cake and we are the Cake Bakery!
Moving to 2016 and the Bonnach Bakery opens its own shop unit, selling cupcakes alongside tea, coffee and great company. It’s a quiet place to relax, and talk about your next Wedding, Birthday or Celebration - we can even make the cake!

Here at the Bonnach we love what we do and hope that that love comes through in what we produce and how it tastes, giving you our best in every way.