Cake Design

We love to try new flavours and designs, but if your looking for a little inspiration, below are some ideas and guides;



Plain Sponge
Chocolate Sponge
Rich Fruit Cake

Chocolate Combinations

Chocolate & Orange,
Chocolate & Blackberry,
White Chocolate & Raspberry,
Chocolate & Guinness
Red Velvet
Chocolate & Mint

Mango & Passion fruit,
Coconut & Lime,
Saffron & Orange,
Lemon Drizzle,
Lemon & Poppy Seed,
Apple & Caramel,
Strawberries & Cream,
Lemon & Blueberry,

Vanilla & Champagne,
Vanilla & Elderflower
Carrot Cake,
Toffee Cake,
Coffee Cake,
Modern Twists

Cherry Bakewell,
Salted Caramel,
Earl Grey,
Black Forest,
Whiskey Sponge,
Whisky & Marmalade,
Vanilla, Blackcurrent & Cassis,


Strawberry Daiquiri,
Piña Colada,
Amaretto Sour


A sugar paste is rolled out into a design and applied to fondant icing.
Beading is small pearl shapes that are piped around the cake, often around the edges.
A form of pipping that has no clear pattern, but creates a squiggly or lace effect.
Dragee / Pearls
Dragée are a colorful form of confectionery with a hard outer shell used for decorating. Such as silver or peral coated balls
A mixture of gum paste and fondant is used to drape over a fondant covered cake with the effect of fabric.
Handpainted lace style patterns often incuding flowers
Similar to Applique but a finer lace like finish
A fine coating is applied to the cake to give it a slight glitter or sheen which shows up well under light.
Used to create gem stones and glass effects for decorations
Gum paste is used to create handmade decorations
Decorations are piped onto the cake using Royal Icing
Rice Paper
Printed sheets which custom images, often used for Birthday Cakes

Folded icing to create a ruffel effect
Stencils are used to create patterning on cakes
Our Tartan his handpainted which means we can create most tartans an in any shape.
Glitter is applied to the cake icing in your choice of colour.


This is our most common icing finish, traditionally either white or ivory it can be coloured to suit any design.
Fondant gives a smooth finish and once dry holds up well to most conditions, however some people find it sickly and may prefer buttercream.
Fondant can be finished with hard or soft edges.
With some extra ingredents fondant can be modelled to create shapes, flowers and decoration.

Our Fondant is suitable for Vegetarians, vegans, and those on a gluten and dairy free diet
Our buttercream is made to a secret blend of American and British buttercream styles to give a light buttery finish which is the perfect blend of lightness and butter which were sure your'll love.
Buttercream is a great option for those that are not keen fondant icing, but is far more suseptable to damage and does not keep as long. We do not recommend buttercream for use in warm location where there is no means to chill the cake during the day.

Our Buttercream can be made but diary and gluten free on request.
Royal Icing
Once the traditional finish this hard icing is now mainly used for decoration such as pipework and beading.
Don't like icing at all? Why not go for a Naked or Semi Naked (a thin coating of buttercream to prevent drying out) finish.

Naked cakes are perfect decorated with fruit and wonderful in the Summer.
Traditionally cakes with a Royal or Fondant icing would have first been finished with Marzipan to help soomth the cake and retain moisture.

Marzipan is made with Almond and therefore adds a noticable flavour to the cake, it is not therefore suitable for some of our modern flavours.
Marzipan contains nuts and is not suitable for anyone with a nut allergy.
For the above reasons we use Ganache as a standard, but if you love Marzipan just let us know and we'll include it for you.
Blended from belgian white chocolate our ganache makes a perfect base for our fondant covered cakes. Being white chocolate its flavour is mild and thus does not have a substantial affect on the flavour of the cake. The Ganache layer helps to smooth your cake and to retain moisture.

Love chocoate? Ask us about a Dark, Milk or White Ganache covered cake
Tempered Chocolate
If your a choclate fan tempered chocolate if for you.

Rather than ice your cake will will create chocolate panels which will wrap your cake in a layer of chocolate bliss.

Cake Shapes

Square cakes are the most cost effective way to achieve the number of portions you require, as there is little wastage.
Round cakes are our most poular choice. They do give less portions than square, but cook evenly and give a cake a smooth look.
3, 4, 6, or 8 Inch
A standard cake is baked to be around 3" high. 3" cakes will have a single layer of filling in the middle (or can be served without filling if you prefer)

4" cakes allow for slightly larger portions and help give your cake a little scale when its on display. Usually 4" cakes will have a single layer of filling, but they can support two if you wished.
4" is our most common size for Wedding cakes.

6" cakes can give your whole cake, or just one layer the impact of height. With three layers of filling they are offer a large portion and can be used in place of a desert. 6" layers are great for a statement layer on your cake.

8" cakes provide maximum impact. They have three or four layers of filling.
Hexagonal cakes or layers can give your cake an unusual and interesting feature and appearance.
Octagonal cakes or layers can give your cake an unusual and interesting feature and appearance.
Heart shaped cakes are perfect for weddings and romantic occasions
Flower shaped cakes are perfect for intesting birthday cakes and they also make a great feature layer on Wedding cakes.
It is possible to bake a cake in all numbers from 0 - 9 and to combine numbers. They make a great birthday cake or anniversay cake especially on significant numbers.
Custom Shapes
We can custom shape your cake to look like your or someones favourite item. Take a look at our birthday cakes for some examples.
False Layers
Only have a small number of guests but want a large cake - its fine, we can put a false layer in your cake. We'll decorate it to look like cake, but when you cut up and serve you can simply remove the false layer.
Seperators create the affect of one layer floating above the other when stacking cakes.
Pillars can be used when stacking cakes to create height. They are great if you would like your florest to fill the gaps with a floral arrangment.

Cake Size